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Double Spring Change in Delta – Broken Springs

Broken Springs in Delta Require Double Spring Change This Monday started out with a double spring change in Ladner / Delta area.  Our technician on first inspection determined that both springs were broken.  A garage door motor with broken springs will start lifting the door and usually stop only when the door is lifted a
  • broken spring, delta, double spring change, heavy door, ladner, panel seperation, pickup bracket repair, section repair, spring replacement, style damage
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Broken Spring in White Rock Requires Double Spring Change

Double Spring change in White Rock A garage door in White Rock required immediate repairs for a broken spring that without warning broke. The breaking of the spring creates an extremely loud banging sound that can sound like a car crash in the street. At first it is hard to determine where the noise came
  • broken spring, double spring change, spring change, white rock
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Service Call Repair of a Double Spring in Burnaby

Double Spring Change in Burnaby For this Service Call, our customer phoned explaining that his door was unable to fully open. Our technician was able to diagnose the broken spring and also broken cable. In the first photo, you can tell the cable was old and damaged by the frayed coils. The second photo demonstrates
  • belt correction, broken, burnaby, Cable, delta, door will not open, double spring change, hinge correction, hinge fix, ladner, loose hinge, noisy hinge, spring, spring change, twisted belt
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Double Spring Change in Richmond

Double Spring Change in Richmond With this service call we had a customer calling us saying that they were unable able to open their garage door. When we get these calls it is usually either a broken spring or an old opener that needs to be replaced. During our initial inspections it became apparent that
  • broken spring, delta, double spring change, garage door, richmond, spring change, surrey, unable to open, vancouver
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