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Department Stores or Big Box outlets?

What is the difference between the Liftmaster Garage Door Openers and the ones you buy at Department Stores or Big Box outlets?


The answer is: Quality, Warranty & Service.

  1. Quality: Liftmaster Garage Doors are designed and built to incur numerous years of use and perform reliably. In order to stock Garage Door Openers on a shelf in a department store, the boom, which is installed between the motor unit and the door header, is designed in four sections all of which collapse one inside the other, to fit in the box. As the trolley unit moves across the track twice each time your Garage Door opens & closes, there is a lot of stress placed on the collapsible boom, which can lead to the failing of the garage door and potential injury. The boom that comes with the professional Liftmaster Openers is a solid steel rail and will last the life of your machine.
  2. Warranty: Garage Door Openers sold in Department Stores and Big Box outlets usually come with a limited one to five year warranty, because the typical lifespan of these garage door openers often do not exceed the warranty. Liftmaster warranties come with a lifetime warranty on the belts and motors and a one to five year warranty on parts depending on the model you purchase. A manufacturer’s warranty speaks volumes as to the quality of the product.
  3. Service: When you purchase from a Department Store or Big Box outlet you have to go to the store to make your purchase and then wait for an installer to come and install your garage door. This process can take several days, or possibly even weeks, leaving you with no solution in the mean time. With Access Garage Doors you have one stop shopping and your machine can be installed in approximately two hours. Plus, our convenient location as a garage door installation company near Vancouver ensures we’re always close by.

When purchasing from a Department Store or Big Box outlet, the cost of installation and the removal and disposal of your existing machine all add considerably to the final price. Additionally, if your door is over seven feet (many are) you will have to buy an adapter kit, which again increases your cost. After comparing the prices of Openers from Access Garage Doors to Department Stores or Big Box outlets, most consumers realize the value in purchasing a Professional Liftmaster Opener. Access Garage Doors ensures that we will recycle your old machine.

With a Department Store or Big Box outlet once your warranty is up you will not receive service. When you purchase a Liftmaster Opener any authorized Liftmaster dealer will service your Opener regardless of how old the Opener is. Always remember to send in your warranty card to Liftmaster and file your copy in a safe place.

Bonus Service: Access Garage Doors always lubricates & tightens the hardware on your door for FREE.