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Your garage door is a big part of your home, and with frequent daily use, you want to make sure it is running smoothly and safely. Over time, maintenance is required on your garage door and garage door parts to ensure optimal performance, and you likely have questions about your residential garage door system.

Below are some common and frequently asked questions about garage doors and garage door systems. These FAQ’s cover about garage door openers, garage door springs, and garage doors themselves.

If you have any doubts about anything when it comes to your garage door, please call us. We’ll be happy to help you out and provide the information or service necessary to ensure your garage door is running safely and smoothly.

Replacing springs requires a trained technician. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS REPAIR ON YOUR OWN.

Yes. Liftmaster has a Universal Keypad which works with the older frequencies and is compatible with most older machines.
Yes. Liftmaster has a Universal Remote which works with the older frequencies and is compatible with most older machines.
Either your battery needs to be replaced or the sensors on the key pad have worn out and the keyless entry needs to be replaced. Sometimes you can extend the life of your keypad by choosing a code with four new numbers and reprogramming your keypad.
It is possible that the batteries need to be replaced. Also, check to see that the security lock feature on the wall switch has not been turned on. If the LED light on the wall switch is blinking the remotes will not work. To turn this feature off press and hold the LOCK button for 3 seconds and the LED light should return to solid.
The infrared safety sensors are out of alignment, obstructed or faulty. The sensors are located about a foot up from the bottom of the track on either side of the door. Both lights should be solid. Check to make sure that they have not been knocked out of alignment or that the there is nothing in the way that would obstruct the beam. If the sensors do not operate properly you can the press and hold the wall switch until the door closes completely. If you are unable to remedy the situation please call a professional for help.
A belt drive operator is much quieter (silent) as opposed to a chain drive operator.
Your emergency release has been disconnected. To reconnect your emergency release pull the red handle forward towards the door to reset the catch then either lift the door to reconnect it or press the wall switch.
The gears are stripped in your opener. You need a new gear kit.
The most likely cause is the large spring(s) directly above the middle of the Garage Door are broken. If you look up at the spring(s) you will see a gap in the spring.
Most springs are rated at 10,000 cycles. What this means is that how long the springs last depends on the amount usage of your Garage Door gets. On average springs last approximately 8 - 12 years.
Yes, we carry a wide selection of springs at all times.
Yes, the springs are under very high tension. If you only replace the broken spring there will be an imbalance in the torque of the springs. For safety reasons it is policy in the industry to replace both springs at the same time.
Anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
Occasionally we find the wrong size springs have been installed on a door. The remedy is to replace the springs.
Yes, we will re-reattach or replace your cables as required and rebalance your Garage Door.
Your horizontal track may be misaligned or you may have worn out rollers or broken or damaged hardware.
This depends on the age and the manufacturer of your Garage Door. The best thing to do is take a picture of the damage and email to: . We will let you know if we can repair your door or if you will need to replace it.
This depends on the amount of damage. The best thing to do is take a picture of the damage and email to: . We will then let you know if we can repair the track on your Garage Door or if you will need to replace it.
Yes we carry all the standard hardware for Garage doors.
New panel replacements are not available; sometimes it is possible to have custom panels made.
Most definitely, each manufacturer has their own specifications which can be found on their websites. Most recommend the use of a high quality alkalyd latex exterior paint.
Once a year use a good quality lubricant like ReleaseAll on all of your hinges & tighten your hardware if required.
Yes, we can add a few turns to the spring and rebalance your door to make it operate properly.