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Richmond Garage Door Service Required – Cable Off Garage Door


Richmond Garage Door Service Required – Cable Off Garage Door

Richmond Service Call Required – Cable Off Garage Door

Before Cable is Reattached to Drum

After Cable has Been Reattached and New Bottom Seal installed.

View of New Bottom Seal on Insulated Steel Garage Door

View of Linear garage door operator that has a drive sprocket that is worn away. You can see the chunks of metal that are laying on the top of the operator. Shavings and metal filings can been seen resulting from the sprocket breaking apart from a heavy garage door that has springs that need more torque applied.

Track binding against roller – This can cause cables to come off the drum and cause serious issues. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 we can discuss any kind of repair issues that you might have.

After Track has been adjusted to allow a lateral movement on the door if needed. This lack of binding is crucial in have a garage door running smoothly without issues.

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